Hershey, PA Anniversary Weekend

We drove up to Hershey, PA for our anniversary. It was almost a 2 hour drive, so it was accomplished in one day…one full, long day. We started out at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania only 20 minutes from Hershey. It was a well done museum with lots of artifacts and info. I learned the average soldier was 5’7 (same as me), about 135 lbs (same as me), white (same as me), man (not same as me), and in their 20’s (same as me). Basically, I’m the perfect average candidate to go to war, almost! Sorry there aren’t any pictures, it was not allowed.

After that we drove over to Hershey. What a charming little town. The lamp posts lining the streets have Hershey kisses on the top, the streets are named after sweets, and the town runs on the Hershey brand. We went to the Hershey museum and learned all about the history of Hershey and the making of chocolate. Afterwords, we went to the Hershey Amusement Park and rode a bunch of roller coasters, a handful were really exceptional. We had a disgustingly sweet funnel cake loaded with chocolate, caramel, and Reese’s. Our visit to the Hershey town was fun, but boy howdy do they whore themselves out and charge you for everything.

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Moving to Maryland

Here are some photos from our road trip from Kansas to Maryland. Some notable stops include the Cahokia Mounds just outside of St. Louis, a fire breathing dragon roadside attraction, and a goose girl statue.  Many thanks to our hosts near Cincinnati, the Blufords, for showing us around Cincinnati and putting us up for a night.

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Summer in Kansas

While Justin was in Florida for training, I was in Kansas, mostly hanging out with the nephews in Topeka. You will some pictures from hiking along the Kansas River, the KC Zoo, the natural history museum in Lawrence, Dad’s birthday on the farm, wandering in downtown KC, the capitol building in Topeka, and miscellaneous.

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Arrivaderci Italia!

Goodbye delicious bufala di mozzarella, goodbye delicious pizza, goodbye Mt. Vesuvius, goodbye weekends away to other countries and histories, arrivaderci Italia!  After three years those are the things I will miss. I won’t be missing carrying water up three flights of stairs to cook and drink with, the crime, the unemployment, the gypsies, the mafia, the corruption, the burning trash, etc, etc, etc.  Alas, now that we are away from the hard non-potable water of Naples, our glasses are actually clear again! They no longer look like this: