Annapolis/Eastport Yacht Club Light Parade

Justin wanted to stay home to play video games, so alone I went to the Annapolis harbor to watch the parade of lights…on yachts sailing the water.  It was a delightful brisk night and my first yacht parade.  I stood on a pier crowded among the other lookie loos. It was pretty neat.  I’d like to go again next year if I can remember to.   I also wandered the shops of Annapolis as well, picked up a few last minute gifts for some lucky family folk…Mom and Deb.

The night was also made better by my finding a close parking garage around a sneaky corner that was surprisingly empty, when the one just next door off the more busy street was completely full…and it only costs $2! Amazing! To compare, our Baltimore parking garage last week was $14. Good find! Jenny out.

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Misc. Fall Adventures and Jenny’s 28th!

Here are a variety of pictures from this fall.

The viaduct is noteworthy as it is a national historic landmark, the world’s oldest multiple arched stone railroad bridge, still in use today it was completed by the B&O Railroad in 1835. It is in a vast park where Justin and I occasionally hike.  Some other pictures include our friend Zach, who is sadly PCSing to a new duty station. There are a few Annapolis bay pictures and an arcade picture as well…all apart of the fall fun.

Also please enjoy the pictures of us taken from today down at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore. They are having a German Christmas market on the harbour, which sadly paled in comparison to the number of actual German/Austrian/Italian/Czech Christmas markets we have encountered in the past few years abroad. The mulled wine was delicious though. Also, it is my 28th birthday today. Please note the fine alpaca scarf Justin bought me (at said market), seen in the picture back at our apartment with the Christmas tree and fireplace. It will go nicely with my ever growing fur collection…my first Alpaca! So soft, so warm, so snuggly.

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Hanover, MD Apartment

Sorry this took so long. I’ve really been slacking on the blog. This is our apartment in Hanover, MD. We’ve been here for almost 3 full months now. And the picture of the various exotic European liquors is to show how happy I was that they survived being packed in our clothing and blankets and shipped overseas.

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