Baltimore Art Show

My work Lookie Lou was selected for the 26th National Drawing and Print Competitive Exhibition. We stayed for a little while during the reception and then spent the evening with some friends in Federal Hill in Baltimore.

Link to my artwork, please share:

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Jessica comes to visit during St. Paddy’s Day

Jessica came for a short trip to see us and our neck of the woods. We kept quite busy throughout the days. The first day we drove up to Gettysburg, Virginia. The area has done a great job with the amount of statues all over the place, keeping it quite interesting. There were a couple observation posts and trails we followed which broke up the long portions in the car viewing all the sites. The area has done a good job at putting statues everywhere as well. After Gettysburg we drove straight to Annapolis for an evening on the town. There were some St Paddy’s day parties going on, one of which we went back to a couple times for the live music. We mostly just wandered the streets, popping into the occasional bar or shop. We also ate delicious crab cakes.

On day two, Justin stayed home to do homework, as he had a lot of it. Jess and I drove down to DC and spent the entire day there. We walked down the mall and spent some time in the Natural History Museum. We saw many monuments and sculptures on the mall as well. We took a detour to the White House. An amusing highlight of ours was walking a ways behind an Asian couple, one of whom let one rip…loudly. They made no indication that anything happened, it was no big deal at all. On the other hand for us, it was loud and came out of nowhere. It was pretty funny. Anyways, after some street dog/brats we walked from the Lincoln Memorial to Arlington National Cemetery. Our timing was great, as just after about 10 minutes of watching the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier it was time for a change of the guard. We took the metro back to our car near Union Station and drove up to Piratz Tavern in Silver Springs, which Jessica had seen on the show Bar Rescue.  On the show the bar was transformed into something worthwhile, but they changed it back to their pirate theme only days later. The food was not very good, but our sangria’s were delightful! We made it back to the apartment and watched some TV before going to bed.

It was a great and busy two days, happy St. Paddy’s Day.

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