Jessica Visits in May Long Weekend

Jessica has been nearing the end of work before med school in North Dakota, so she came to visit for a long weekend. I feel like we didn’t get too much accomplished, but we didn’t really have anything in particular to accomplish. She arrived on a Wednesday night.

On Thursday she and I went to Ft. Meade and wandered around Burba Lake and then went to the Ft. Meade Museum (which was small but a nice overview of the base with some neat artifacts). We got some groceries and later lounged at the apartment pool.

Friday we went to 6 Flags outside of DC with Justin and his work mates. We drove around our neighborhood and found some sea food.

Saturday we drove up to the Civil War Medical Museum in Frederick, MD. The town itself was bustling¬†with lots of independent businesses. After the museum we went the Sharpsburg, MD where were wandered around the battlefield and cemetery areas of Antietam. We then went back into Frederick to get some classy cupcakes and deserts to celebrate Jessica’s bday.

Sunday we went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Wow what a difference Baltimore is in the summer! It looks beautiful and there are activities and life everywhere. We got lovely views of the city on Federal Hill and we paddled around the harbor on a purple dragon. Can’t be beat.

On Monday Jess and I went to the National Cryptologic Museum outside of NSA. It was terribly informative and neat per usual. Then we picked up Justin and went to Patapsco Park where we walked around on the path and bridge to kill some time before her flight. Then we dropped Jess off at the airport. Her flight was delayed and eventually cancelled. We picked her up about 6 hours after we dropped her off. She flew out successfully the next morning.

I am waiting for Justin to send me a few photos from his phone so I can complete this post…it is taking him weeks! I will update this as soon as I can, but for now I’ll go ahead and post it.

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