State Park Biking and Beer Day

Justin and I don’t go to too many super fascinating places here in Maryland, especially compared to the last few years of living in Europe. Therefore, I will sometimes post unnecessary things to remind you all that we are still alive and try to occasionally do things…though they are nothing compared to the past, they are something.

A week or two ago (?) the weather was finally favorable and I decided on biking to the BWI airport loop (a bike path about 11 miles long) only a couple miles to get there from my apartment. I got caught in a downpour for about 10 minutes and somewhere along the way to the path took a wrong turn and realized I was closer to the Patapsco State Park than the airport, so I decided to go bike there. I found a secluded spot and took a wee dip in the river there, just behind the Bloede Dam (which I read has plans to be removed soon, sadly). Anyways I walked around the fishes and found a rock to sit and dip my tootsies while enjoying the seclusion and nature. Luckily Justin came to pick me up, otherwise I would have a lot of extra biking to do to get back.

Another outing was last Saturday the 22nd. Justin’s work colleague won a radio contest to a brewery bus tour thing in Louden County, Virginia (near Dulles). They did not want to go and passed the tickets along to these two young single guys (also colleagues). One had family coming in town and the other had to work, so the tickets got passed from them to Justin and myself. So we had a full day of free drinks and food…good fun.

I can’t find my pictures of my bike ride…hmm…where are they?

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