Meet our latest addition to the family!

Heidi Ho Johnson has been with us since February of 2015, although she was born on November 13, 2014. We got her from a Mennonite near Lancaster, PA. At the time of posting this, she has recently turned 1. She is a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Heidi is a nice little lady who loves to play with balls, sticks, cardboard boxes, and rope toys. When she is really playful she will do this specific weird growl, it’s pretty cute…can sometimes a little loud and silly. If she wants something she will do these quiet little “moof” sounding noises (it’s her barking when she’s too lazy to open her mouth). It also signals she is too lazy to get a toy that she wants, generally when it’s less than a foot away from her.  She has lots of friends, dogs and humans alike. Her best friend, and possibly boyfriend from down the street, is a fluffy small mix of things named Hobbs. They visit each other almost daily.

In other Heidi skills, she is a talented cricket and bug catcher. She likes to play with them but always ends up killing them…good for bedroom bugs, though. Sometimes she goes straight for the kill and eats them. She once caught a bird who was trapped in our Odenton apartment’s stairwell…I made her let go of it, though. She enjoys going on walks and sniffing poop. She is not a great swimmer yet, but we’re working on it. Currently, she knows fetch, catches balls, shakes your hand (though you have to get really low to the ground for her to reach), stay, come, drops and leaves “it” (moderately successful depending on what she finds), sit, show me your belly, roll over, lie down. I think that’s all. She is a great addition to the family and is very sweet. She is long, soft, super fluffy around the collar, and very short. She also does a fine job of hogging the bed at night. Here is her first year of life with us.


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