Niagara Falls

Justin, Heidi, and I took a weekend away, road trip to Niagara Falls from Maryland. After the first few hours, Heidi got used to being in a car. Our return drive was easy breezy; she knew how to get comfortable, sleep, wander, etc. The drive was around 8.5 hours with a couple of small stops here and there and one tank of $40 gas (one way). We drove straight into the Canadian side where we stayed at a pet-friendly hotel; no issues crossing the border. We wandered through the town that evening. The Canadian side was kinda cheesy touristy/theme park attraction-y. Luckily it is not quite tourist season yet, even though it’s May, so it was not packed and some stuff was not open. Plus it was raining almost the entire weekend and in the 40s-50s. The hour here and there where there was no rain we were getting misted by the falls….so it was quite the wet weekend and my wellies got thoroughly used.

Please enjoy our complimentary photos, with more text and a video below!

Day two in Canada we visited the falls (very awesome), went behind the falls (very loud), and ate at Tim Hortons (very delicious). Then we made our way back into America. We were thoroughly questioned by the patrol guys on our way in since we had Heidi, and they checked her papers (rabies, shots, etc.) and gave her some loving attention, and we were on our way! We took a long stroll in the Falls’ park and enjoyed the views from the other side. Heidi was particularly popular with the Chinese and Russians and will likely be popping up in various social media posts worldwide, as she was photographed a dozen times. People fawning over Heidi is not too unusual, I mean, look at that cute face…and butt. Anyways, we did not spend much time in town on the American side, but it was certainly not as theme-y as the Canadian side. Therefore, I’d recommend the American side more, if one must choose.  Then we drove back to Maryland. Fin.




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