Baltimore Aquarium and Xmas Village

It was $1 day at the Baltimore Aquarium (versus a normal $40 per person). We waited in the line, which wrapped around the entire large building and snaked here and there, for over an hour and got our tickets for a little later in the afternoon. We walked along the harbor towards the German Christmas Village. We did the traditional browsing, mulled wine drinking, and brat and strudel eating. Delicious and delightful. Then we went to the aquarium. Parts of it were really neat, certainly not worth $40. The main first exhibit is the entire floor is the fish tank swimming with tons of fish, sharks, turtles, stingrays, etc. Another neat exhibit was the jellyfish, which I created a video of. Enjoy!


Maryland Renaissance Festival

Justin, myself, and our  roommate Jeff went to Maryland’s Renaissance Festival. It was great! They have a designated space in the fair grounds for this festival every year. There are permanent structures, lots of vendors, and most people come in character. I rode an elephant, beat out a slew of men during ax throwing, ate a turkey leg, and drank plenty of mead. It is really close to where we live also, so we will definitely be going again before we leave Maryland next year.

Hiking and Lancaster

Justin and I took a day trip to go hiking at Black Rock Cliff. It was a nice overview of a valley. We also went to Kilgore Falls. It was not as impressive as we had hoped and was really overcrowded. I did hike and chill at the top of the waterfall for a bit. Then we crossed from Maryland into Pennsylvania to explore Lancaster. It was fairly close to where we got Heidi actually. The drive into Lancaster was the best part of Lancaster, passing farmland and such. The town of Lancaster itself was pretty small and slow paced. Some antique stores that were more trashy than neat. Not a lot was going on there. That is all for this mediocre trip!dsc02264

November Follies

We’ve had a busy week this past, on Wednesday we went to DC for Dragonforce. I’ve seen them before and they were still really great even though their line up changed a little.  Then over the weekend we drove to Wildwood New Jersey to see off Michael and his new wife Sara before they PCS back to Japan. Wildwood was mostly closed down (it’s a beach town), but the bars were open and we meandered in the cold by the ocean and boardwalk. Decent week I’d say.

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President’s Day in Philadelphia

No better time than President’s day to go to Philly, am I right? But boy howdy was it frigid….the wind was like daggers. There was a storm the night before, it extended to us near Baltimore as well. Other than being super uncomfortably cold whenever we stepped outside there were hardly any people out and about, making site seeing conveniently uncrowded.

Anyways, so Philadelphia, where it’s always sunny, had a few points of interest for us. We saw the Liberty Bell, the original White House building foundation/excavation site, went to Benjamin Franklin’s Museum, print shop replica, and grave, the Constitution Museum, and finally the Mütter Museum (of the college of physicians of Philadelphia). The Mütter Museum was really cool, definitely made the trip worthwhile. There are no photos allowed there, so I pulled photos from the internet for you to see….I’m sure you can figure out which belong to that museum.

We also stopped at Brandywine High School just outside of Wilmington, Delaware (just outside of Philly), where if I remember Dad saying he went to high school there for a year or so. If it’s the wrong place, than I merely took some random pictures. Also, you can see in one of the pictures the back of our very blue car (and the rest of it) is white. We had to stop multiple times during the drive to clean off the anti-ice salt residue from the windows, lights, and license plate. When Justin and I parked (once in a garage and once on the street in Philly), we got a little panicked because it took us forever to find our car because it didn’t look like our car.

Enjoy the photos! Oh and the random photo of the dog in snow booties, lol.

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