Niagara Falls

Justin, Heidi, and I took a weekend away, road trip to Niagara Falls from Maryland. After the first few hours, Heidi got used to being in a car. Our return drive was easy breezy; she knew how to get comfortable, sleep, wander, etc. The drive was around 8.5 hours with a couple of small stops here and there and one tank of $40 gas (one way). We drove straight into the Canadian side where we stayed at a pet-friendly hotel; no issues crossing the border. We wandered through the town that evening. The Canadian side was kinda cheesy touristy/theme park attraction-y. Luckily it is not quite tourist season yet, even though it’s May, so it was not packed and some stuff was not open. Plus it was raining almost the entire weekend and in the 40s-50s. The hour here and there where there was no rain we were getting misted by the falls….so it was quite the wet weekend and my wellies got thoroughly used.

Please enjoy our complimentary photos, with more text and a video below!

Day two in Canada we visited the falls (very awesome), went behind the falls (very loud), and ate at Tim Hortons (very delicious). Then we made our way back into America. We were thoroughly questioned by the patrol guys on our way in since we had Heidi, and they checked her papers (rabies, shots, etc.) and gave her some loving attention, and we were on our way! We took a long stroll in the Falls’ park and enjoyed the views from the other side. Heidi was particularly popular with the Chinese and Russians and will likely be popping up in various social media posts worldwide, as she was photographed a dozen times. People fawning over Heidi is not too unusual, I mean, look at that cute face…and butt. Anyways, we did not spend much time in town on the American side, but it was certainly not as theme-y as the Canadian side. Therefore, I’d recommend the American side more, if one must choose.  Then we drove back to Maryland. Fin.



Happy New Years, Puerto Rico and Caribbean Cruise

Happy 2017 New Years Everyone!

Justin and I went on a family vacation with the Johnsons to Puerto Rico for the new year’s and a Caribbean cruise the following week that visited St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados. While in Puerto Rico we swam in the salty ocean, hiked in the rainforest, and swam under a waterfall. The waterfall was a top spot, for the nice 55-degree (perfect for swimming) water temperature and the fact that it was fresh water. We viewed the new year from our hotel balcony, which provided excellent views of many fireworks.

PR reminded us of Naples a lot, the colors and materials of buildings, many similar words, the downtown San Juan buildings were built similar to 1700’s Spain style, which is similar to Naples, only newer. Naples wins on attractions and food hands down, though. I personally was not a fan of the fried and plantain-rich food. PR is much nicer, no trash everywhere, cleaner air and water, even passengers clapped when the plane landed safely. I thought that was a Naples only thing.

While cruising, we learned pretty quickly that the islands themselves do not have much going for them past a couple viewpoints here and there. The main attraction is the beach and other water-related activities. In St. Kitts and St. Lucia we took island tours, which progressed from shanty-town-like residences and got a little nicer by each island. Each port has nearly identical shops, centered around duty and tax-free jewelry and flowy beach wear. In Barbados, we took an excursion to a submarine voyage. We went 148 feet down at the deepest and saw millions of various fish, a couple turtles, a stingray, and plenty of coral. There was also a sunken ship we subbed around…quite interesting.

The beachy hot weather is not Justin and I’s preference and with a lack of historical sites, we can easily say we have no interest in returning to the Caribbean. The vacation was more so about spending time with Justin’s family, so in that regards, it was a success. Please enjoy the photos. You can click on them to enlarge or save. There may be more to come if other family members send us their shots.

Mom visits, Dec 2016

Mom visited for a few days. The first day we went to NYC-for the Radio City Xmas Spectacular Show w/the Rockettes, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, walked past Trump Tower, 30 Rock (went to the top for city views), walked through Central Park to the Met Museum, and visited an antique book/print shop.

The second day we went to the Cryptologic Museum, lunch, and Baltimore-walked along the Inner Harbor, went up Federal Hill for city views, dinner at Pub Dog in Fed Hill, and back to the German Christmas Market that unfortunately closed shortly after we arrived, but not before we got delicious strudels.

The third day began with a leisurely morning followed by Greek/Afghani food lunch and Annapolis toward the afternoon/evening-went to the Annapolis Naval Academy and walked around, John Paul Jones Crypt, Museum, and then wandered around the Annapolis streets and finally took in a quick Christmas Boat Parade viewing until the cold encouraged us to go home.

Sunday was a lazy day, to include getting decadent donuts and wandering the mall and looking at laptops for mom. We got fresh seafood for dinner at a local shack nearby as well.



Weekend in Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown

Justin and I took the three hour drive down to Virginia to visit three important areas: Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown. These places are worthy of more visits in the future…highly recommended and could be a nice two or three day trip for our visiting family and friends…hint hint.

Williamsburg has recreated the town with actors who dress and act of the time of the Revolution around 1776. The best parts of this area, in my opinion, were the shops showing traditional methods of production: bookbinding, printing, and wig making. The capitol building, governors house, and jail were interesting as well. Fun fact: Blackbeard’s crew was jailed and hung here. “…to be hanged by the neck till you are dead, dead, dead…”

Yorktown was nice, you can walk all over the battlefield and the trenches, and many of the cannons are still standing in the same strategic places as they were hundreds of years ago.

Jamestown was the original site where the English landed and created this first colony. It was filled with hardships, relations with the natives, and even cannibalism during one particularly hard winter.  Today you can see brick ruins of the former houses, churches, shops, and graves. It stands with sweeping views of the Chesapeake Bay, and was my favorite of the three places we visited.

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